Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't know?

I came up with a really good way of starting my blog tonight but I decided that more important that starting my blog entry was listening to my body and relieving my bladder before proceeding. And so of course I don't remember what it was...but, I feel like this was was pretty good too.

I stopped writing for a while. I don't think that was a good idea. I got really caught up in other things and that is not an excuse. Especially since this has been such a good outlet for me to express my self, process and document what I am going through here.

So where did I leave off.

I need to make a list of what to talk about:
best friends forever
new client

Okay. Before I start talking about bellydancing, I am going to look up my next class so I stay accountable and go. Hold please.

Alright I guess I am going tomorrow evening. Truth be told I got sucked into some youtube videos of my instructor dancing and wasted some time with that- sorry, it is just really interesting and I don't want tv so sometimes I need an entertainment break.

Anyway- I started belly dancing class. It is very fun. Different. Hard. My weird phobias and skin irritations seem to come out while I am doing it so for now I have to wear a long sleeved shirt or I feel uncomfortable. But the instructor loves it and her job you can tell. So I think I will keep going. I gotta start going back to the gym too. I keep letting life events interrupt my schedule, my flow. Which is a problem because then I get into ruts. Before I close this tonight I want to include my plan for the rest of the week.

I'll talk more about my belly as I learn about it. Either way it brings me closer to Middle Eastern culture and we all know how I feel about that. <3

Disney! I had my first official now-that-I-can-remember trip to Disney world! A great friend from college and his absolutely amazing parents took me with them on Friday and not only did we complete 11 rides from 3-12, we also had time to eat dinner leisurely, watch the parade and fireworks! It was scary to go- I mean, I can't imagine going with a happier more wonderful group- but I don't do theme parks. I don't like feeling wreckless, like I might die...buuuuut I did all three of the mountains- the railroad one, splash and space! And I know they are rides intended for little deet-deets but for me it was very, very challenging. But you know, I kept telling Brian the whole time "I strongly believe in doing something everyday that scares me" and oooh I did. Scary. And for the record- the dumbo ride is actually scary! Aside from the fact that you are flying through the air in a big elephant, the ride goes super high! I am just saying I don't blame little kids who are scared of Disney World. For that matter my siblings and I were- particularly of the Small World ride. Which is so interesting cause I made sure to do it this time for that reason and you know what- that is truly what ignorance is all about! I mean, sure, smiling little dolls FILLING rooms as you are trapped on a boat flowing through them could be creepy for some.....but I loved it! All of the cultures, all of the openmindedness! It was great! And I realized that the last room is definitely my world. I would love everyone recognize the uniquely human commonalities and respect the differences. It is so funny so see that ride now though because I was being ignorant too. For years I thought I had reason to fear it and then I faced it and realized it actually had a lot in common with me- isn't that usually how ignorance works? No really, I am actually asking because I don't understand it well enough. I'd like to though I don't want to be ignorant about ignorance.

Also, for the record, the Mickey's PhilharMAGIC was my favorite ride. I loved it! And I totally sang along. We did it twice cause I loved it! :)

More importantly than going to Disney was having the opportunity to have family. I love and miss mine very much, and having Brian's welcome me in with SUCH open arms was wonderful. I love his parents dearly. I wish you could meet them too because I can't imagine nicer people who might make you feel as safe and loved as they made me feel. Brian included. They are just a truly special family for all the good that is naturally in them and it was just the most wonderful day.

Alright I am exhausted and overslept today because my phone didn't go off and it was bad and I don't want to go that again so I am going to go to bed but I made the aforementioned list to hold my self accountable to report on those things so I will refer back to it later when I go to write the next response.


Tuesday: HOMEWORK! Halloween Costume, Call Marc Durance, Gym

Wednesday: Clean Ebonie's Closet, Belly Dance

Thursday: Gym, Ali's Final Farewell Dinner

Friday: Halloween Party with my clients! Trick-or-treating with roomies/dressing up and acting silly with Laura and Megan??

I need to add more to that. I have so much more to list. I don't think I will post my schedule again but I feel myself slipping in the accountability department so I am.

Man I am sleepy I really need to quit. So I am-

V & <3

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